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Here are a few of the most commonly asked questions:

1. How do I hang up the wire decorations on walls?

I recommend using small clear Command hooks to hang the wire words, and if you don't want to buy a whole box for yourself, you are able to buy them through this site (40p each). 
If you don't want to use command hooks, you could use a couple of small nails (tacks) to hang up the wire word. 

2. Do they have to be hung on a wall?

NO! I have seen them draped over clothes pegs, on bookshelves, on picture frames. They can be placed all over your house!

3. How many hooks do I need?

I recommend the following amounts of Command hooks:

1 - dinosaurs, bear, heart, valentines initals, words of 3 or less letters

2 - words of 4 or more letters

4. What about hanging string - I've seen this in some photos?

For the wire words, I will attach hanging string if you have not purchased command hooks.

5. My wire word has hanging string attached but I don't want it, what do I do?

Simply snip the string and pull out gently. Make sure you do not pull the tied knot through the knitted part of the wire word as this might damage it!

6. How soon will I receive my order?

You should receive your order between 1-2 weeks after the order is placed. 

7. Why is delivery so long?

I am a one-woman-band and make most my items from scratch. I also work as a maths teacher and have a one year old at home. So I tend to make orders in an evening when Felicity has gone to bed!

8. Why are you called Fliss & Mama?

Fliss is my daughter (just turned one) and I (Katie) am the 'Mama'! Quite simple really, it's going to be awkward if we ever have another child...

9. I've seen cute little hearts added on some words on your Instagram, how do I get one of them added to an order?

Just pay for an extra letter and make a note in the personalisation box that you want a little heart adding. E.g. If you wanted Sienna with a heart on the end, pay for a word length of 7 (6 for Sienna + 1 for the heart).